Hey Folks, welcome to The Mood Recipes. This time we are back with another post related to Travel. However this time it will be something different. This post will let you know about the songs which we all listen to while traveling. Do check out this playlist. I am sure you gonna love it. Play it when you’re out of your home, earphones on, traveling in and out of your country or even when you’re stuck in traffic. Basically this post will let you know the songs (Hindi) which you must listen to while traveling.


1. Safarnama by Lucky Ali – Movie -Tamasha.

If you have heard Lucky Ali before then you definitely know that his voice has a different charm which is very hard to copy and very tough to achieve his singing notes. When lucky Ali started the song with these lines –

Safarnama, sawaalon ka – shuru Tumse, khatam tumpe, safarnama.

Jisse dhoonda – Zamane mein, mujhi mein tha, o mere sare jawabon ka safarnama.

We all felt that ❤️

I don’t know if you have ever noticed. The above quote is a Shayari written by Irshad Kamil. Irshad Kamil is a great Hindi writer.


2. Moving on to our second song in the playlist. It’s none other than YUN HI CHALA CHAL RAHI. Yes, you have guessed it correct. Its a song from the Movie SWADES. Shah Rukh Khan is there in the lead role in this movie. This song is composed by some legends together.

Music by A R Rehman.

Lyrics by Jawed Akhtar.

Sung by Udit Narayan, Kailash Kher and Hari Haran.

There are so many good things about this song. The music will keep your head moving, the lyrics will keep you interested and the high notes by Kailash Kher in between will just let you know how a good song can change your mood. This is a must song to listen while you’re on a road or out for a trip. This is my favorite.


3. When we are talking about Hindi songs, be it of any category, be it travel, love, break up, heartbroken or any other category – you just cannot miss this singer’s name. He is ruling everywhere. He is none other than Arijit Singh. Song’s name is ILAHI from Movie YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI. Ilahi is composed by Pritam and it is penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. My favorite part of this song is –

Kal Pe Sawaal Hai.. Jeena Filhaal Hai

Khaana Badoshiyon Pe Hi.. Jaane Kyun

Ilahi Mera Jee Aaye Aaye


Mera Falsafaa Kandhe Pe Mera Basta

Chala Main Jahaan Le Chala Mujhe Rasta

Boondon Pe Nahin

Boondon Ke Samandar Pe Woh Oo Woh …

Ilahi Mera Jee Aaye Aaye!!!!!!!!!!!


This song creates a scene where we want to travel the world, go on international trips and do whatever we want to. Make sure you have that much amount in your pocket or in your bank balance.


*There are few more songs which can be included in this playlist but I don’t like them the way I like the above three songs… Songs that can be included are Pathaka Guddi from Highway and khwaabon ke parinde from zindagi na milegi dobara. I find these songs boring so I did not include them in this playlist. Let’s find out our number 4 song which I have included in the Travel category.*


4. This song is a reprise version of an old song. The original song was sung by Hemant Kumar and composed by S.D.Burman. However, I want you all to listen to the new version sung by Sanam. This track basically explains a situation in which a boy is searching for a girl and does not know for whom this boy will finally settle. He roams around different cities to find the girl of his life. Song name HAI APNA DIL TOH AAWARA sung by Sanam. This can also be considered as a dancing track but this originally belongs to the Travel category. You all will feel good after listening to this song.

Click here to listen to the song. The artist disabled sharing the song with external website 🙁

5. The next song is not originally from Bollywood but it is a Sufi song which was launched only on youtube and got a super hit. MADARI – sung by Vishal Dadlani and Sonu Kakkar with the team Coke Studio.

Do you know? The lyrics were referred from the writings of Bulley Shah.

The track starts with this –

Madari, Madari, Madari,  Madari mera tu,

Main Jamura re Jamoora, Jamura re Jamoora…

We do not know what it means… However, after researching a bit I got to know –

By Madari, Writer wants to address God: Like the way Madari controls the Monkey, the God above is controlling all of us. He is our controller: ‘Madari’ and we are his servants: ‘Jamura’


Why is it included in this Travel category? The way this song starts… The music will energize you to a different level. When you are down and out and do not want to go anywhere, when you are tired but you are still halfway on your trip, the destination is still too far. Play this song. This will give you goosebumps. The high notes of Sonu Kakkar are just on a different level. Those who don’t know Sonu Kakkar – She is the eldest among Tony and Neha Kakkar. We might not understand what is said in this song but you can feel it for sure. This song consists of three languages – Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.

The lines in this song have got a deeper meaning –

Haaji lok maakke nu jaande, Assa te jaana Takht Hazare.

Te jis wal yaar, Us wal kaaaba… Te assan phol kataabaan chare…


Meaning –

The people who do the Haj go towards Mecca.

But I’m going towards the throne/shrine of Hazare instead.

(Takht Hazara was the hometown of Ranjha. So, it’s like Home of Love)


In whichever direction is your beloved, that’s the direction of the Kaaba (of prayer). We have read and scrutinized the books rigorously for this.


There is more to this song. This song is just marvelous and has got a deeper meaning. If you want the meaning of this song do check out this link.

Madari song full meaning.

There are more songs that can be added in this list like Dil Chahta Hai title track, Saada Haqq from Rockstar, Matargashti from Tamasha, pichle Saat dino mein and sindabad the sailor from Rock On, Mahi ve from Highway. But we kept it limited to 5 songs. Otherwise, we can listen to anything which we want. But these 5 songs are special and different from their kind.

How to listen to these songs together?

Do not worry we have made a playlist for you from where you can play it through YouTube.

Click here for the link to the playlist