Whenever we talk about Haunted Places in India, we usually talk about the Delhi Cantonment Ghost Stories, Kolkata’s National Museum Spirits, Mumbai’s D’Souza Chawl or the Most Famous Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan. Now I’m not saying that all these places are no more haunted but they have been discussed so many times over the years that they sound quite boring now. Moreover, if you visit any of these places then you’ll realize that they have turned into tourist spots rather than Haunted Places. We live in a country where the culture and language keep changing every 50 miles. So its quite obvious that every place here is bound to have its own stories which will be darker, scarier and creepier.

So here are some stories around India about places which are reportedly haunted but less known to People.

1. HCL, N3 Building, Noida:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 2
New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (NOIDA), part of the National Capital Region (NCR) came into existence on 17th April 1976. Apart from being the Second Best Realty Destination after Mumbai and a Hot Spot for Multi-National Companies Noida also has some Deep Dark Secrets. The N3 Block of the Famous HCL Building is said to be haunted here. The place is actually said to have been set up on top of a Graveyard and a Crematorium Land. On several occasions, people have complained about strange sightings in the Washroom Mirrors while working Night Shifts. The Ladies Washroom is closed after 8 PM after Girls complained of being patted on the Shoulder by an Unknown Apparition. Some people are also said to have seen Ghostly Apparitions moving around the place once the lights are off. No one is allowed to go to the terrace of the N3 Building. People inside the Training Room have complained of strange smells coming out of nowhere. Almost everyone has Complained about Lights Going On and Off on their own. The most famous paranormal activity experienced by almost everyone is Blood Dripping from the Walls and the Ceiling of the Building.

2. Nasserwanj Wadi, Mahim, Mumbai:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 3
Fashion, Films, Glamour, Glitter, Superstars, etc.. All this is what Mumbai is synonymous with. But there is also another dimension to this beautiful Megacity which draws Fear and Startled gasps from those who hear about it. Just a Kilometre from Mahim Station is one such Famous Haunted Place- Nasserwanj Wadi. No one dares to venture this place once the sun sets. The place is said to be haunted by its Parsi Owner named Nasser who was Brutally Burnt to Death in his Cabin. People say Nasser’s Spirit Strolls around and Guards the Property Every Night. People who have tried to cross paths with him were taunted by his ghost for a long time. Some are said to have Suffered Mental Illness and some of them were Possessed by the Evil Spirit resulting in the Death of more than Seven People. People staying close to this place make sure to carry their Religious Ornaments when they go out of their Houses at Night to Ward-Off Negative Energies.

3. Kolkata Dock, Kidderpore:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 4The always Over Crowded area of Kidderpore Dock much famous for its traffic jams has a legend of its own. The entire Docks was once owned by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh/Awadh who came to stay there after his kingdom was snatched away by the East India Company in 1856. Wajid Ali Shah passed away on 21 September 1887. But the local residents and the Workers at the Dock claim that the Spirit of the War-Lost Nawab is still felt on the Docks once the sun sets. Some people have also said to have seen his apparition in the form of floating mist. The Nawaab’s spirit still haunts the Docks looking angry for some revenge on the Britishers. Since the Nawab was too fond of classical music people have also reported about hearing them on the premises. Even today people are not supposed to enter some areas of the dock after the sunset as they’ve been told that even today “The Nawab is there and does not like to be disturbed.”

4. KC-19, Kavi Nagar, Ghaziabad, Noida:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 5
The National Capital Region seems like a Great Place for Criminal and Paranormal Activities. There are Countless such Spooky Stories in Gurgaon and Noida. The KC-19 Haunted House at Kavi Nagar in Noida is said to be haunted by some little kids there. Situated in between the Posh locality of Ghaziabad, the Kamal Jain House at KC-19 was once a home of Two Families who were then Murdered Brutally in 1993. The walls of the house still have bloodstains of the Victims and people have spotted Three Kids Playing and Giggling around the house in the Nights. They say the kids just keep playing, shouting at one another and run around in circles. They say the House also has a Jinxed Painting which is said to bring Bad Luck to the once who just look at it. The House remains Untouched, Unoccupied and Unsold to this day. People (Mostly Students) who tried to Trespass the Property were Creeped out Badly.

5. Symbiosis Road, Viman Nagar, Pune:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 6
Pune, the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra and a Hub of Colleges and Hostels are also said to be Ranked as India’s Second Most Haunted City. The Road leading from the Symbiosis Campus to the nearby Cafe Coffee Day Outlet is one such Haunted Spot here and has been a host to a number of spooky stories over the past couple of years. Every student who passes this Road at Night complains of Dogs Lining up and Barking Furiously at Empty Spaces. Some of them have also complained of Blacking Out and Fainting while Walking Alone. People complain of Bells Ringing continuously inside the Small Mandir on the Road even when it remains unoccupied. Most people Avoid taking this Road once the Sun Sets as they feel being followed by someone.

6. Sector-10, Street No. 25, Bhilai:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 7
Bhilai is a Beautiful City situated at the Durg District of Chattisgarh. Also nicknamed as the Steel City of India as it has the Country’s Biggest Steel Plant- Bhilai Steel Plant. The city has this Infamous Haunted Spot at Sector-10 on Street No.25. People who have passed this street say that it is haunted by the spirit of an Old Man who happens to appear suddenly in front of their vehicles at Night and Follows them Till the End of the Road. Rumour has it that this Old Man Died in an Accident a Couple of Years Ago on this Road. The Spirit can be Spotted Wearing a Grey Shawl or sometimes just a Black Shadow can be seen Standing in the Middle of the Street. He’s Never said to have Harmed anyone Seriously but just leaves People in Deep Shock and Fear and their Vehicles with a Scratching Halt.

7. Victoria Hospital, Bangalore:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 8
Century-Old Victoria Hospital situated near City Market at Karnataka has been one of the Latest Addition to some of the Most Haunted Places of Bangalore. People keep reporting of Supernatural Sightings in the Hospital Premises. Paranormal Activities have also been recorded on the Cameras here. But the Ghosts here seem to be completely Harmless and Quite a Fun. It’s said that packets of Food go missing and are found empty at some other places later. Post Graduate Medical Students complained of someone Drinking their Tea/Coffee once they turned around for a while. So try keeping your food items safe once you get admitted to Victoria Hospital.

8. Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School, Kondhwa, Pune:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 9
As soon as someone says School most of us go into a Nostalgia of our Golden Period of School Days and School Friends. But in 2011, Mr. Shaikh Sultan of Kondhwa at Pune was unwilling to send his kids back to school. He said the kids were in a Deep Trauma and were Extremely Scared even with the Thought of Stepping inside the School once again. It is said that on 8th March’2011, almost all the Students of Lady Halima Begum Urdu Primary School fled the premises in deep fear and shock after they witnessed a Supernatural Activity. The kids who first only used to find random Death Threats on their Notebooks and Textbooks noticed a Spirit Appearing from the Blackboard in front of them. All the classes were suspended and the School was Shut for a long while before Restarting the Classes and Getting Back on Track.

9. Kalpalli Cemetery, Sarvagna Nagar, Bangalore:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 10
Apart from being a Hub for IT Professionals and The Most Peaceful City in India, Bangalore also has some Darker Lanes. The Kalpali Cemetery on the New Madras Road handles at least Ten Cremations every day. Since its one of the Oldest Cemeteries of Bangalore, it’s completely possible that the Dead may be walking around somewhere. On several occasions, people have reported feeling an unknown presence around them that makes them feel uneasy. Some Visitors have reportedly seen a Frightening Man’s Apparition in the Dark of the Night in this Cemetery. Passers-by keep complaining of some disturbing sightings at Night. The Caretakers complained of Temperature Dropping inside the Cemetery once it gets Darker.


10. Madras Christian College, Chennai:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 11
Moving forward in our Haunted Places List, the Next one is Madras Christian College at Chennai. If you turn some Pages of History, you will be coming across a Number of One-Sided Love Suicide Stories. So the Story of this College is Themed on One-Sided Love. A student committed suicide in a Dormitory of Herber’s Hall after getting Heart Broken by a Girl. Since his Death, people keep narrating stories of sighting the Student’s Ghost on several occasions. Some students have reported having dreamed of sharing a bed with the Ghost while sleeping. Hearing of footsteps, breaking of windows and strange noises inside the Chemistry lab are some of the ways the Heartbroken Spirit makes its presence felt to the resident students.

11. Janki bandh, Goa:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 12
Goa is One of the Main Tourist Attractions of India. Thousands of Tourists visit Goa every day. But there are some places here which Most of the People are Not aware of. Janaki Bandh at Navelim is one such Haunted Place here. If local reports are to be believed, then a Bus full of Children and some Elders met with an Accident here some years ago because of the Driver’s Negligence. The accident took place on a Culvert between Navelim and Drampur. All the Children and other Passengers on the Bus Died. So it is said that on one particular day of the year people keep hearing Wailings and Crying Sounds of Children in the Dark of the Night. Children’s Spirit still Cries Painfully and Keeps calling for help. Probably they need some Help Out.

12. De Monte Colony, Chennai:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 13
Each and every Urban City in India has a Spooky Side and so does Chennai. Tucked away in a by-lane from St. Mary’s Road is a Haunted De Monte Colony. “For Years, the Properties in the Area had No Guards. When one was posted, he was Found Dead Next Day.” claims Mr. Mathivannan, a Peanut Sellar near the Colony. Taxi Drivers Parking their Vehicles there and Rag-Pickers usually wind-up their activities before the Sunsets. Local Residents staying there claim that the Gates of a House ‘with a Big Lock’ sometimes Open and Close on its own. The house is said to be the Colony’s Founder- John De Monte’s House, a Portuguese Businessman of 19th Century. Locals say he had a Jinxed Life with his Wife getting mentally ill and Son Dying Untimely. Locals staying nearby say that it is John De Monte’s Spirit that now haunts the Place. Sightings of his Spirit Walking down the Streets and Houses of the Colony during Midnight were reported. Overgrown Bushes everywhere around the place adds much more spookiness to this colony.

13. Banjara Hills Road No.12 GraveYard, Hyderabad:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 14
How can a list of Haunted Places in India get complete without mentioning a couple of Cemeteries and Crematoriums!?! This one is in the Posh Banjara Hills Colony of Hyderabad. The Colony which holds the residence of the Rich and the Famous has a Graveyard on Road No.12 which has a reputation of paranormal experiences reported by People at Night. It’s reported that the Street Lights get Switched off here all by itself late in the Night. Also, there is a drop in temperature usually being noted here even during the summers. Commuters usually complain of repeated tire punctures in their vehicles and a foul smell around them. Those who have experienced it multiple times do not take the route late in the Night. The Graveyard came to the limelight when a famous Girl’s School beside it was shifted to another location after staff members started to complain about some strange happenings on the premises.

14. Hidden Cemeteries of Kolkata:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 15
We all must have read and heard of South Park Street Cemetery and multiple stories relating to its haunting. However, have any of you wondered that if we had ‘South’ Park Street Cemetery then where on earth is ‘North’ Park Street Cemetery or does it even exists or not? Well, there was a North Park Street Cemetery as well and the Most Famous Person burried there was James Achilles Kirkpatrick. Due to lack of funds in regards to the maintainence, the cemetery land was sold and now we have The Assembly of God Church and Mercy Hospital there. There have been numerous cases of appearances of strange-looking bodies in the hospital premises. Not everyone knows that the previous name of “Park Street” was “Burial Ground Road” because there were four Graveyards here. So apart from South and North Park Street Cemeteries, there were two more cemeteries there. One of them was a French Cemetery and another was a Missionary Cemetery. The APJ School right now in this area stands on top of these two cemeteries. Apart from these places, there is Kabristan Bazar in Colootolla Street (Now Maulana Shaukat Ali Road) which was a Jewish Burial Ground once upon a time. There’s a proof of its existence on the infamous Simms map of Calcutta, which is for survey years 1847-49. Then theres Nazrul Mancha Near Dhakuria Lake which was once a Muslim Graveyard which still has a Grave which is near the Ladies washroom. It’s said that women need to be extra careful sometimes while using the loo because of the presence of some supernatural apparitions.

15. Johnson & Johnson Signal, Mulund, Mumbai:

15 Less known Most Haunted Places in India 16
The City of Dream- Mumbai can also give you some worst Nightmares. The City is full of places that are reported to be haunted. Few have also been testified by the Paranormal Society of India. One such place is the Signal near Johnson & Johnson Co. at Mulund. People have usually reported seeing a Lady in White Sari walking on this Road in the Dark of the Night. It is said that every New Moon Day, the Road also witnesses many fatal accidents leading to serious injuries or even death. The ones who survived have said they were trying to save a woman in White Sari who was Crossing the Road. Many Drivers have also claimed to have given Lift to the Woman who disappeared from their vehicles after moving forward. The Employees of the Fire Brigade close by are always seen performing Pooja on Every New Moon Night here. People usually avoid taking the Road Late in the Night fearing the Lady’s sighting.