After 8 Months down south, it was time to get back home to Kolkata. I’ve explored the city a lot and there is a lot to tell about it but the city is also famous for having some dark deep secrets. In fact, almost every lane in Kolkata has a story to tell, some with a twist of horror. Now whenever we talk about Haunted Places of Kolkata, the Places that Strike our minds are The National Library, Writers Building, Hasting House, Royal Turf Club and South Park Street Cemetery. Unfortunately, these places have been hyped so much all these years and so many people have visited these places in search of Ghosts that no one actually finds it Haunting anymore. So here are 12 More Haunted Places in Kolkata that you might not have heard of.

12. B.N.R. (Bengal Nagpur Railway):

12 Less Known Most Haunted Places in Kolkata 2

Just before Hide Road as you take a Left Turn on the Kidderpore Dock area you come to the Bengal Nagpur Railway Building. The area is famous with the name B.N.R. also has a Housing Society (with the same name) for the employees working there. The street outside Kidderpore Docks once used to be notoriously famous for Crimes like Murders and Robbery in the dark of the Night. There have been various reports of an apparition of a man being spotted in some parts of the society which disappears after walking in a certain direction. Some people say that the man does not have a proper face while some say that it’s a headless man. People have said to spot this apparition in the dark hours of the night several times. Some say that he was a common man who was victimized by the Thugs one night while returning from work. The other part of the story says that this Man is an old Worker of the Dry Dock Area nearby who Died in an Accident decades ago.

11. Lower Circular Road Cemetery:

12 Less Known Most Haunted Places in Kolkata 3
South Park Street Cemetery is said to be one of the Most Haunted Cemeteries of India and one of the Most Haunted Spots in Kolkata. But it is not the only Haunted Cemetery in Kolkata. The Lower Circular Road Cemetery is also said to be a Haunted Spot here. The Cemetery has the Grave of Sir William Hay MacNaghten, a Civil Servant of the British Era. History says that he was brutally killed and his body was ripped apart at Afghanistan during the First Anglo-Afghan War. Later his wife went to Afghanistan and assembled the leftover parts of his body and came back to Kolkata to get it buried in the Lower Circular Road Cemetery. So whenever someone narrates the whole incident near the Grave the Huge Tree above the Grave starts to Shiver.

10. Swing Bridge, Kolkata Dock:

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I’ve had a personal experience of this one. I was returning from work one night at around 2:30 AM in my company’s cab and by the time we reached right in the middle of the Famous Swing Bridge, the driver stopped the car suddenly. He looked dead scared and started sweating heavily. I asked him what was the matter and he said there was this man with a small kid standing right in front of the car and they both were about 4ft in the air from the ground. However, I did not find any man or kid standing there. I thought maybe he was high and asked him to start the car and proceed to the destination but he refused to go from the same lane and asked me if I could show him an alternative direction which I did and then he dropped me home. I thought that maybe the cab driver was drunk and didn’t give this much thought until it happened with me once again with an Uber Driver after a couple of days. So one afternoon when I was there in that area, I decided to find out the story behind the sightings of this man and kid on the Swing Bridge. I had a word with a tea vendor nearby and they showed me a small house nearby which was now left vacant for quite a while. “There lived a woman who had sacrificed her son and husband while performing black magic and had dumped the bodies near the bridge. The woman was handed over to the police and is serving her jail term now but since then there have been reports of her husband and kid being spotted on the bridge.” was what they explained.

9. New Market, Esplanade:

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In the Heart of the City, this Victorian Redbrick Building is a beauty in itself. New Market is said to be One of the Oldest and the Largest Markets of Asia. A large part of the building was burnt down in 1985 destroying around 250 Shops. Another fire broke out in the Market in 2011 and 2015 which only burnt down a small part of the market. No casualties were ever reported in both the cases. Still, locals living around the market complain of voices from inside the market calling for help once the market closes at night. People often talk about men and most women’s voice calling for help as if in deep trouble. Some say they just might be the victims of the fire that broke out here while some beleive it to be the Anglo-Indian Ladies who were once assassinated here.

8. The National Museum:

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The National Museum was transferred to The Chowringhee Road in 1878 with just two galleries. Now the Museum consists of sixty galleries. The place is one of the most haunted locations in the city. It is actually said to be protected by the Ghost owners of the Museum from thieves. People have often heard the sound of anklets and ghungroos (musical anklet tied to the feet of classical Indian dancers) in the museum. Some of them have also complained of hearing the sound of dragging of the heap of clothes around. There are also tales of people hearing the marching of the boots which they say is of the Freedom Fighters from the 20th Century who were once detained in the administration building. However, all the Ex and Current Directors of the Museum have refuted the claims.

7. Nadial, Garden Reach:

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So here is an another Headless Ghost Story. But this one is of a Woman who was a victim of Honour Killing. In spite of already having a husband and two children, she had actually managed to elope with her Lover. Her brother found out her whereabouts and went to her with a long dagger only to behead her. He had walked a long way with her head to surrender it at Nadial Police Station and get himself arrested. Its almost been seven years now since the brutal killing took place but the people staying in the area still feel the presence of the Beheaded Woman several times. Some of them even claim to have seen her walking headless on the street in the Night. While most of the locals rubbish the news some have even said the Headless Woman knocked on their doors in the late Night asking for water.

6. Pailan Campus:

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The Pailan’s Hostels were rumoured to have been built on a Graveyard which is the main reason for all the paranormal activities here. The Third Floor of North Block of the Campus is said to be haunted where people have reported of instances when they felt like being followed and footsteps outside the hostel rooms in the dark of the night. Stories of hearing a girl’s sobs also do rounds here. Students are advised to avoid the place even during the day time.

5. Kolkata Dock, Kidderpore:

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The always Over Crowded area of Kidderpore Dock much famous for its traffic jams has a legend of its own. The entire Docks was once owned by Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh/Awadh who came to stay there after his kingdom was snatched away by the East India Company in 1856. Wajid Ali Shah passed away on 21 September 1887. But the local residents and the Workers at the Dock claim that the Spirit of the War-Lost Nawab is still felt on the Docks once the sun sets. Some people have also said to have seen his apparition in the form of floating mist. The Nawaab’s spirit still haunts the Docks looking angry for some revenge on the Britishers. Since the Nawab was too much fond of classical music people have also reported about hearing them on the premises. Even today people are not allowed to enter some areas of the dock after the sunset as they’ve been told “Even today, it belongs to the Nawab and he visits there.”

4. Grand Hotel, Esplanade:

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As soon as you get down at Esplanade/Dharmtalla the first thing that you see standing tall is the Oberoi Grand Hotel. The Hotel is famous for its heritage looks and its beautiful interiors from the Victorian Age. The hotel once used to be a theatre which caught fire and was burned down in 1911. The hotel’s “Chowringee Wing” is said to be haunted and sealed from the public view. Rooms in this Wing are sealed and walled separating it from the guests and the employee vicinity. The employees who once stayed in this wing had complained of someone pulling off their Bed sheets or Throwing Water on them or Switching On the Lights. Another story says that the hotel is haunted by the Ghost of an African-American Pianist- Teddy Weatherford who died in 1945 out of Cholera. People have felt the presence of his apparition in the Hotel many times. Several staff members staying in the Hotel Premises have complained of Knocks on their Doors and Piano at a Distance in the Middle of the Night. At times even guests have seen him stalking the corridors.

3. NagerBazar FlyOver:

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The NagerBazar FlyOver is one of the Most Crowded FlyOvers of the City during the day time. After an accident of a Young Biker that took place in May 2012, just a month after the bridge being inaugurated, it is now said to be haunted by the Biker’s Spirit. The Lady who helped the Injured Biker with Drinking Water and Bandages often talks about seeing the Biker’s apparition on the Bridge. Commuters avoid using the bridge at night. And the ones who use have often complained of seeing a young man asking for a lift Late in the Night in the Middle of the Flyover but it soon disappears on being approached. Locals living on either side of the bridge complain of water and stones being thrown on their windows from the Flyover. Some people have also said to have been slapped on the bridge at night while they were trying to over speed their vehicles.

2. Wipro, Salt lake, Sector-V:

12 Less Known Most Haunted Places in Kolkata 12
This one comes out of a personal experience of mine as well. Wipro comes under what was said to be the Kolkata Wetlands once upon a time. The place once used to be a deserted location for the cops to carry out encounters. There are around 7 Buildings on the campus. Paranormal activities have been reported only in some parts of the campus. It’s mostly in Tower-3, 2nd Floor you’ll find Employees reluctant to go alone to the washroom in the Dark hours. Some people have reported seeing a woman or a man talking on the phone in the pantry who suddenly disappears. The Tower-4 is completely shut after 10 PM after full body apparitions were reported there. There are no mirrors in the washrooms of some of its floors as well. Some employees have reported the Ladies Washrooms getting locked by itself from the inside in the Second Floor and there was one incident reported of a girl being possessed on the Fourth Floor of Tower-1 long time back but no such incidents have been reported after that.

1. Avani Riverside Mall, Howrah:

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This one might come as a shock to some of the readers but yes! Avani Mall is haunted. If stories are to be believed, when the mall was being constructed and a large chunk of wall fell claiming the lives of some of the labourers working there which included some women and children. But the mall was still constructed without any cleanup. Some parts of the mall look gloomy even when it is heavily crowded. Its reported that the washroom in the lower ground floor experiences random power cuts. It is said that some invisible force lifts people and throws them to a distance until the light come back. Another haunting is reported in the washroom at third floor which looks spooky as soon as you enter. There have been apparitions seen in the mirrors by people (especially housekeeping staff) when they’re alone. So there are mostly two housekeeping staff working in the washroom in the third floor. The security staff refuse to go to the basement and the top floor after the mall closes as there have been reports of a woman with a kid on her back taking stroll in the top floor food court area while the security in the basement have complained of suddenly encountering random weird looking men and women who come out of nowhere and say “Please save me. I’m still here.”

So these 12 spots were some of the Reportedly Haunted Places other than the known and publicised Haunted Places of Kolkata. But the City’s Legend is all about going in deeper and finding more and more. Each and every building has a Story of its own. There are more than 250 Ghosts in the Bengali Culture in the form of Man, Woman and Animal. Being the Third Largest City of India, the Former Capital of the Country holds Deep-Dark Secrets in Every Wall and Every Street you go.