So after 5 Years in the City of Joy, I was once again back to Hyderabad. For people who don’t know me well, I’ve spent 16 years in Hyderabad doing my school, college and work. Still I call myself a Kolkatian which will lead me to a different story so abhi k liye uss baat ko yahi chordete hai.

Anyways, so I stood in front of Arbaab Hotel at Tolichowki and my new work place was exactly 9 kilometres from here. All thanks to Google Map I can say that. I was there waiting for a colleague who owns a bike and said I can be his pillion rider for today as I have already missed my cab.

So I just stood there and kept looking at Arbaab Hotel and went into a flashback about how I had joined here as my first job. Every morning I used to reach here before it opened and Afsar Bhai used to come after 15minutes. He used to handle the cash counter there. He was actually the one who “recruited” me. I had the morning job of cleaning all the tables, sweeping and pocha maroing the floor and prepare tea and coffee for people who used to come or pass by every morning.

I’m still pretty good at making tea and coffee. The funny thing is I never knew at that time about any such thing known as a Weekly Off or Shift timing. Bas pata tha roz yaha subha aana hai aur raat mei 9baje jaana hai tab jaake month end mei 1600/- salary milega.
Suddenly Abu, my colleague came on his bike and we rode off to office.

I still kept thinking about that place back in my mind even after I reached office. So engrossed that I did not even realise that I was in cafetaria and Abu was passing a cup of chai to me. He again patted on my shoulder to to get me back into present.
“Kya to bhi hua bhai kaha khoye hue hai subha se?” he asked me in his Hyderabadi Accent.
And this is what I said, “Lambi kahani hai bhai.. Bas short mei samajhlo k 11 saal lag gaye 9 kilometre aane mei.”